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Scarabello is a memory to be kept, a symbol to be given, an emotion to communicate, a keepsake to wear. Scarabello signifies cultural memories, traditional heritage and ecological values. Refined and decisive jewels become a treasure chest of emotion and of artisanal expertise. Designed and manufactured entirely in Tuscany and adhering to zero mile dynamics, Scarabello embodies not just the history of the place where they are produced but also the more distant universe, of time and space. Each Scarabello captures the natural shape, color and sophisticated beauty of scarab species around the world. They are a metaphor for life, strength and renewal, and wearing them continues an age old habit of donning them for good luck.


Length: 36 mm

Width: 19 mm

Weight: 27 g

Material: Brass

Finish: Red Enamel

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Out of stock

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Brass, enameled brass