The Basilica of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, suggestive place framed by the nature of the Siena hills, is the theme and inspiration of “Monte Oliveto”; the new project by OFFICINE904, brand and factory created by Paolo Porcu Rodriguez and Silvia Pavanello, under the sign of art, fashion and design. Geometries, reminding the graphic elements by Escher and reinterpreting the frescos of the “Stories of San Benedetto” by Luca Signorelli and Antonio Bazzi that decorate the Monte Oliveto Abbey, feature in a smashing collection of accessories. Leather bangles (Concept from of whose hand-polished and interchangeable brass buckles evoke the material patterns of frescos in elegant and colored chromes (becoming also prints, impressed on cloth in refinedscarves made of cotton and silk). A catchy contemporary design, a precious craftsmanship celebrating the excellence of made in Italy and high-end materials are the creative alchemies by OFFICINE904 and the creations it makes that give rise to genuine passe-partout and join art, design and fashion.