Memoirs of a geisha”, the project connected to fashion design by OFFICINE904, talks about the geisha, legendary persona of Japanese culture embodying the performative power of arts, the quintessence of artistic expression. An archetype which also represents Officine904 and its work, focused on making concrete new ways, expressive languages that join fashion, design and architectural suggestions. “Like the water, it digs the way through stone, and when it is trapped, the water creates itself a new way through”. Thus it tells the geisha Sayuri Nitta reminding her childhood in “Memoirs of a una geisha”, the movie by Rob Marshall. A metaphor which is good to depict the work by OFFICINE904, factory che tracing new paths, reading and moving up the contemporary times, drawing the Italian lifestyle and taste, of whose creations go beyond the seasonal cycle of fashion product. Minimal lines, catchy shake, high-end materials as the barrel-dyed calf leather, emphasized by a palette of colors including 18 different shades, a bright craftsmanship made in Italy, the care for details, are the creative alchemies of brand giving rise to genuine passé-partout under the sign of uniqueness and exclusivity. A story of leather, simplicity, art of making and put together ideas on the move.