KI.TO. A/W 2019



In the spring of 2018 we felt the desire to develop a new project, something different and far from the ambient of leather goods. I went back to my roots as a clothing designer reconnecting with a world of fabrics and models that I hadn’t touched on for so long.

We present the Ki.To., an iconic Japanese garment revisited with an Italian spin taking its inspiration with regards to form, fabrics and manufacture from all that Tuscany proudly offers, which is why we have chosen to define it with the acronym “Ki.mono To.scano”.

Ki.To. is a versatile coat that enriches every style, be it the simple “jeans, t-shirt and sneakers” look or as a stylish accompaniment to a dress. In its simple uniqueness Ki.To. it can be worn in unison by both males and females.

The fabrics used for the outer come in a range of solid colours and patterns – the summer collection is made with fabrics in cotton and linen, while our winter collection utilizes wool, alpaca, and cashmere. The inner linings are always colourful and unique, only made possible with the meticulous work of combinations, efficient assembly and skilled sewing by the expert hands of our craftspeople.

Through the creation of Ki.To we have developed an Alter-Ego for our iconic “Market Bag” bag, derived from same qualities such as simplicity, essentiality, and clean cuts. True to this mantra, the central body and front rever of the Ki. To. are developed from a single piece of fabric, allowing each body to define its form: making it “your own” in the true sense of the word.