For Officine904, to be included in the Louis Vuitton tourist guide under the section “Question of Style – Fashion and Accessories” is for us the obtainment of a very important aspiration. We sincerely thank Philippe Duboy who, passing our store window completely by chance one day in Venice, says that he was “dazzled” by the unusualness and uniqueness of our product and for this reason he was happy to insert us into the guide which was about to go to print in a matter of hours!

Silvia Pavanello and Paolo Porcu Rodrigues, stylist and architect respectively, continue the evolution their joint project, born 2010 in Pienza, through which they strive to conserve the soul of their artistic creations while leaving space for design. A testimony to this is the traditional folding directors chair revisited by Paolo – the “S.1.904 La Regista” – with its square section, lacquered metal structure and leather or silk upholstered seat and back; or the jewels drawn and inspired by the geometric motifs of the frescoes by Luca Signorelli present in the Abby of Monte Oliveto Maggiore in Tuscany. All for sale in their boutique. The production of their leather articles is realised in Italy, more precisely in Marciano della Chiana. Also in Tuscany, the ultra soft leathers are sewn and weaved into styles big and small classic or intertwined by skilled artisans accompanied by a sensibility for the craft and placed in drawing tubes. Shopping Bags, 36Ore, Tascapane, O’Bag, AVB, the choice of style is not lacking even so the beacon that best represents the brand continues to be the marketbag, realised in 18 different colours as is most of the collection. A radical concept that doesn’t adhere to traditional commercial methods. In other words: here, no sales… “Less is more”, the famous aphorism of Miles van der Rohe presides in the conception of the work of this couple and their boutique where square wooden components are fashioned into shelves, counters, display spaces, mirrors and so on – a wink to plastic artist Donald Judd – livening up the brick walls.