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Reversa is not satisfied with just a single perspective. The exclusive monochromatic limited edition adds a new take on an already multifaceted icon. Conceived to express the traditional quality of Made in Italy, Reversa is versatility devoted to elegance. Faithful to its nature and its name, it lends itself to being worn in any context and circumstance, and not without being noticed. The harmonious coexistence of shapes and materials is told by a new range of colors. In laminated calfskin in eight colors.


Bags. A timeless design

In the OFFICINE 904 habitat, exclusive creations come to life. Each bag is a crossroads of design, fashion, art and architecture. An unrepeatable hybridism, a practical and aesthetic alternative able to fit into multiple contexts of use, function and wearability...

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Kito. Cosmopolitan style

The acronym Kito expresses the audacious internationality at the Italian heart of OFFICINE 904. The Tuscan Kimono is about cultural synthesis. As part of the Variations project, iconic and traditional garments are mixed and matched to assume alternative meanings...

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Scarabello. Wearing uniqueness

Scarabello is a memory to be kept, a symbol to be given, an emotion to communicate, a keepsake to wear. Scarabello signifies cultural memories, traditional heritage and ecological values. Refined and decisive jewels become a treasure chest of emotion and of artisanal expertise...


Accessories. Memorable details

At OFFICINE 904, style is built on details. Our accessories embody this, and are handmade to guarantee unquestionable uniqueness and quality, which travel beyond the tracks of passing trends. Every detail is a testament to its personality, design and refined finish.


Beautiful, true, handmade.

Our creative laboratory is located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, where craftsmanship has always been the mastery of know-how. We forge zero mile partnerships with family-run companies that share our passion for the preservation of Italian technical, historical and artisanal heritage, synonyms of sustainable production. We pursue extreme attention to detail and finish, ensuring maximum aesthetic parameters and product longevity. The excellent quality of leathers and fabrics is an echo of our roots, which lie in the fertile soil of Made in Italy.

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Since 2010, OFFICINE904 has been a creative multidisciplinary. It is a place of ideation, a project that consecrates Made in Italy with the contemporary through a minimalist and timeless design. Partners in life and in the creative field, Silvia Pavanello and Paolo Porcu Rodriguez transform essential shapes and suggestive colors into distinctive products. A long-lived fashion concept, thanks to the quality of the products which intersect with the dimension of design in a sober and energetic space, pulsating with ever new reinterpretations of aesthetic heritage.

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